HaikuJAM - write & read poetry together

HaikuJAM - write & read poetry together 2.1.6

HaikuJAM is a social writing app where people write stories and poetry together.

HaikuJAM is a social writing app where people write stories and poetry together.

HaikuJAM is a social writing app where people write stories and poetry together. You can either write with strangers around the world or form 'circles' with your friends. To start writing, simply hit the jam button and write a line about anything - within minutes, two other people will add a line and finish your jam. Every day, we provide a set of suggested topics for you to write about and also host writing competitions where you can win prizes!

The Guardian named Haiku JAM one the "50 Best Creativity Apps" globally. The New York Times said that this is a platform to "kindle the imagination and untangle stuck-thinking". CNET described our poetry app as “a zen garden for the mind”.

Why you’ll dig Haiku JAM:


Haiku JAM is a small shot of creativity that can help you to pause, escape and derive meaning from those little moments that make up the day. Keep your creative juices flowing by either writing - whether it's poetry, haiku poems or short stories - or simply read and feel inspired by what others are creating!


Haiku JAM is a creative social network, bringing humans together from all around the world to make stories! When jamming, you could find yourself writing poetry with a teacher in Korea or creating haiku poems with Yogis in San Francisco.


Every day, we handpick a selection of the most beautiful stories and haiku poems which then appear in the 'Featured' feed. Write beautiful jams and you could have your work broadcast to the whole community! Switch across to the 'Live' feed to see all the poetry, stories and haiku being created in real-time. For your favourite jams, show love, write comments and share them with your friends through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, WhatsApp and Email.


Make the jam anything you like: poetry, haiku poems, short stories, shayari and everything in between. Don't be shy! Everyone is welcome to create and the community is super friendly and encouraging.


Create a Circle and collaborate with your friends! You can also follow your favourite Circles of writers and artists to keep up-to-date on their activities!


Write awesome jams, show love, leave positive comments, share your favourite pieces and earn Karma points in return. As you gain Karma, you increase your standing in the Haiku JAM community and can eventually unlock secret privileges!


We regularly team up with brands and other artists for poetry and story competitions. Get involved and you could win too!


Have a question, comment or suggestion? Email us at hj@haikujam.com or Tweet @HaikuJAM

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HaikuJAM - write & read poetry together


HaikuJAM - write & read poetry together 2.1.6

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